What is monitey

Monitey is a completely free software to monitor the online status of your website. If your website goes down at any time, Monitey records, notifies and alerts you.
Unlike other web services to monitor your websites we don't
charge for any monthly or yearly subscriptions.
We said, it's FREE. So, it's completely FREE.
Not to mention, Monitey is a product of mhotspot which is a massive hit with more than 2 Million downloads.


1. The best part in Monitey is,it's FREE and easy to use.
2. Monitor your website in any interval of time( 1 min, 2 min, 5 min or ANY ).
3. Logs the realtime status of your website.
4. Ability to save the logs for future reference.
5. Runs in the background and notifies you when something goes wrong.
6. Tons of features are ready to be added in the next update.

WHY monitey

You are joking right? Of course your website is your business. If it goes down, you lose customers.
You lose income. It's better to keep an eye on the website's online status and if anything goes wrong, Monitey will immediately alert you and keeps a record of the error, time and status for your future reference.
Most of the time, your computer/Notebook is live. So, Monitey will be quietly running in the background
and monitors your website.

"The First of it's kind"

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"I tried the beta of Monitey. What a wonderful tool to look after my website?! Now, I can call my hosting provider with exact proofs and records to ask about downtime of my website."
- Erik.

"Must have tool for website owners" - Christina